• September 13th – 14th, 2019

    11th Experts "Live" CTO

    Berlin, Germany


Plan the approach based on the angiogram
Markus Meyer-Geßner, Düsseldorf, Germany

Radiation management in CTO PCI
Carlo Maccia, Paris, France

The essentials of guide wires for CTOs
Masahisa Yamane, Sayama City, Japan

Ischemia and viability – How to select the right patient
Nicolas Boudou, Toulouse, France

A. Bufe Antegrade Step-by-step approach
Alexander Bufe, Krefeld, Germany

Parallel wire using dual-lumen catheters
Gerald S. Werner, Darmstadt, Germany

Where is the role for Antegrade dissection reentry?
Elliot Smith, London, Great Britain

🔴 Live Case 1, presented by Boston Scientific
Alfredo R. Galassi , Palermo, Italy; Bernward Lauer, Jena, Germany

🔴 Live Case 2, presented by Boston Scientific
Kambis Mashayekhi, Bad Krozingen, Germany; Alexandre Avran, St Laurent Du Var, France

CTO PCI – How it all started and where it will go
Osamu Katoh, Toyohashi, Japan

CTO PCI – How it all started in Europe
Nicolaus Reifart, Wuppertal, Germany

CTO PCI today – A summary of recent publications
Carlo Di Mario, London, Great Britain

What are the questions to be answered by future studies in CTOs?
Ulf Landmesser, Berlin, Germany

🔴 Live Case 3, presented by ASAHI
Avran, Alexandre, France; Alexander Bufe, Krefeld, Germany

🔴 Live Case 4, presented by ASAHI
Masahiko Ochiai, Kanagawa, Japan; Harald Lapp, Erfurt, Germany

Microcatheters for antegrade and retrograde approach
George Sianos, Thessaloniki, Greece

Retrograde approach step-by-step
Kambis Mashayekhi, Bad Krozingen, Germany

Debate: Is there a difference between RDR and reverse CART? – No
Dimitri Karmpaliotis, New York, USA

Debate: Is there a difference between RDR and reverse CART? – Yes
Hsien-Li Kao, Taipei, Taiwan

🔴 Live Case 5, presented by TERUMO
Gerald S. Werner, Darmstadt, Germany; Kumar, Prathap, India

Published data on CTO complications
Nikolaos Konstantinidis, Thessaloniki, Greece

Perforation management of the CTO vessel
Heinz Joachim Büttner, Freiburg, Germany

Perforation management of collaterals
Kambis Mashayekhi, Bad Krotzingen, Germany

Specific complications with ADR
Dimitri Karmpaliotis, New York, USA

Trapped devices – Leave it or retrieve it?
Andrea Gagnor, Turin, Italy

Setting up for Success: Advanced guide extensions to simplify your cases
Gerald S. Werner, Darmstadt, Germany

Maintaining Distal Guidewire position: Trapping basics and the optimal use of guide extensions with integrated trapping balloon
Elliot Smith, Great Britain

Integrating Microcathethers into Complex Interventions: How to use torqueable Microcathethers to your advantage
Kambis Mashayekhi, Germany

🔴 Live Case 6, presented by ASAHI
Hsien-Li Kao, Taipei, Taiwan; Markus Meyer-Geßner, Düsseldorf, Germany

🔴 Live Case 7, presented by IMDS
George Sianos, Thessaloniki, Greece; Tim Schäufele, Bern, Switzerland

CTO and bifurcation
Thierry Lefèvre, Massy, France

Optimize guide catheter support
Fabrice Leroy, Lille, France

What to do if you cannot cross the proximal cap?
Prathap Kumar, Kollam, India

Or if antegrade balloon cannot pass?
Imre Ungi, Szeged, Hungary

Or if microcatheter cannot pass collateral?
Gabriele Luigi Gasparini, Rozzano, Italy

Or if reverse CART does not work?
Alessio La Manna, Catania, Italy

🔴 Live Case 8, presented by Terumo
Nicolas Boudou, Toulouse, France; Mark Rosenberg, Aschaffenburg, Germany

Which CTO should be treated by PCI or CABG & The specific problems of PCI for post CABG patients
Gerald S. Werner, Darmstadt, Germany

🔴 Live Case 9, presented by ASAHI
Masahisa Yamane, Sayama City, Japan; Jürgen Arenz, Recklinghausen, Germany

🔴 Live Case 10, presented by IMDS
Roberto Garbo, Turin, Italy; Jörg Dalibor, Dresden, Germany

CTO PCI and length of dual antiplatelet regimen
Maciej Lesiak, Poznan, Poland

CTO and atrial fibrillation – Do we apply the ESC recommendations?
Sudhir Rathore, Canberley, Great Britain

Novel antegrade wire dissection techniques
Alfredo Galassi, Palermo, Italy

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