• September 14th – 15th, 2018

    10th Experts „Live“ CTO Workshop

    Espaces Vanel, Toulouse, France


CTO definitions: Do we need a new consensus?
Friday, 08:45 Gerald S. Werner

Recent publications, key points from this year
Friday, 09:30 Carlo Di Mario

Publications from the EuroCTO registry
Friday, 10:30 George Sianos

EuroCTO trial Update, Comments, review of the study
Friday, 10:45 Victoria Martin Yuste

CTO: How to define success
Friday, 10:55 Anthony Gershlik

CTO fundamental: Understanding of Wire Structure
Friday, 11:05 Etsuo Tsuchikane

Antegrade dissection and reentry: Case selection, tips and tricks to succeed
Friday, 12:30 Tony de Martini

Reverse CART techniques: conventional, directed, extended, assisted…
Friday, 14:00 Bad Krozingen

Wires, what we need, what we have and next future
Friday, 14:50 Jo Dens

Guide catheter extensions and CTO PCI
Friday, 15:15 Laurent Drogoul

Rotablator and CTO (Rotablator‘s birthday: 30 years old in 2018)
Friday, 17:15 Nicolaus Reifart

J CTO score ≥3
Friday, 18:20 Pietro Mazzarotto

Ipsilateral retrograde CTO PCI
Friday, 18:25 Julien Lemoine

Antegrade Fenestration and Re-Entry
Friday, 18:30 Mauro Carlino

Proximal ambiguity, impenetrable cap
Saturday, 10:00 Dimitri Karmpaliotis

Antegrade dissection and haematoma
Saturday, 10:20 Elliot Smith

A stent inside the CTO segment
Saturday, 10:30 Omer Goktekin

Crossing complex collaterals (Which wires? Microcath?)
Saturday, 10:40 Masahisa Yamane

Retrograde microcather cannot pass the lesion
Saturday, 10:50 Roberto Garbo

CTO and LV assist devices
Saturday, 11:50 Alfredo R. Galassi

Long CTO with tortuosity, calcifications: How to progress inside the CTO segment
Saturday, 12:10 Lorenzo Azzalini

CTO and bifurcation: Tips and tricks
Saturday, 12:20 Gerald S. Werner

A brief review of complications and tips and tricks
Saturday, 14:50 Yasushi Asakura

CTO in post CABG patients
Saturday, 15:05 Emmanouil Brilakis

Long-term outcome for patients with CTOs
Saturday, 15:35 Thierry Lefèvre

IVUS: When to use, case presentation
Saturday, 12:30 Roberto Garbo

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