3rd European Live Summit on Retrograde CTO Revascularization
Live Cases from the University Hospital Bulgaria, Sofia


Gelev V
V. Gelev

A. R. Galassi
A. R. Galassi

D. Trendafilova

G. Sianos
G. Sianos

Hildick-Smith D

Live Cases 1, 2
(Room 1) Alfredo R. Galassi, (Room 2) Alexandre Avran

Gagnor A
A. Gagnor

Zambakides C
C. Zambakides

Bryniarski L

Marinov M
M. Marinov

Live Cases 3,4
George Sianos (Room 1) Andrea Gagnor (Room 2)

Mueller P
P. Mueller

Mateev H
H. Mateev

Maccia C
C. Maccia

Goktekin O
O. Goktekin

Live Cases 5, 6
Zambakides C (Room 1) Alfredo R. Galassi (Room 2)

Ungi I
Imre Ungi

Live Cases 7,8
Goktekin O(Room 1) Yamane M(Room 2)

Werner G
Gerald Werner

Asahi Session
G. Sianos

Yamane M
M. Yamane

ETOSS system demonstration
M. Yamane

Live Cases 9,10
George Sianos (Room 1) Gerald S. Werner (Room 2)

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