• September 15th – 16th 2017

    9th Experts „Live“
    CTO Workshop

    Hilton Berlin, Germany


What do we need to indicate CTO PCI?
Friday 08:00: Anthony Gershlick

Angiogram – how to record, analyse and prepare for the intervention
Friday 08:10 Andrea Gagnor

Antegrade – step by step approach
Friday 08:20 Marcus Mayer

Retrograde – step by step approach
Friday 08:35 Evald Høj Christiansen

Euro CTO Club – The Euro CTO trial
Friday 10:45 Gerald S. Werner

The Euro CTO Score – Comparison with existing scores
Friday 10:55 David Hildick-Smith

Euro CTO Club – The radiation survey
Friday 11:05 Nicolaus Reifart

Recent CTO publications
Friday 11:15 Carlo Di Mario

New wires, what we have, what is essential, what is on the horizon
Friday 13:30 George Sianos

Dedicated CTO kit: microcatheters, balloons, adjunctive devices
Friday 13:40 Kambis Mashayekhi

New developments in antegrade dissection/re-entry approach
Friday 13:50 Stéphane Rinfret

Future Devices: Update on the Plasma wire
Friday 15:10 Etsuo Tsuchikane

CTO-PCI and the need of oral anticoagulation
Friday 16:25 Alexander Bufe

ACS and CTO – how to manage
Friday 16:35 Bernward Lauer

CTO and low ejection fraction
Friday 16:45 Alfredo R. Galassi

Live in a Box 2
Friday 16:55 Leszek Bryniarski

Live in a Box 3
Friday 17:15 Omer Goktekin

Live in a Box 1
Friday 14:00 Nicolaus Reifart

CTO in Europe
Saturday Room: Ballroom 07:20 Alfredo R. Galassi

Antegrade approach – how to start? Views of a minimalist and a maximalist point of view combattants
Saturday Room: Salon Schinkel 07:20 Leistner, Ghanem

CTO in the Middle East
Saturday Room: Ballroom 07:30 Khalid Tammam

CTO in the Middle East
Saturday Room: Ballroom 07:40 Etsuo Tsuchikane

CTO in India
Saturday Room: Ballroom 07:50 Surya Prakasa Rao Vithala

Which lesion to start with which material?
Saturday Room Schinkel 07:50 Thomas Schmitz

Which setting? – Top 10 lessons learned from my time as CTO beginner
Saturday Room Schinkel 08:00 Gerald S. Werner

CTO in North America
Saturday Room: Ballroom 08:00 Emmanouil Brilakis

What we can achieve together
Saturday Room: Ballroom 08:10 George Sianos

When am I prepared enough for my first retrograde approach?
Saturday Room Schinkel 08:20 Kambis Mashayekhi

CTO and bifurcation
Saturday 10:00 Yves Louvard

Rapid fire Tipps and Tricks – 5 min: What do do if… you cannot cross the proximal cap
Saturday 10:15 Valeri Gelev

Rapid fire Tipps and Tricks – 5 min: What do do if …antegrade balloon cannot pass
Saturday 10:23 Imre Ungi

Rapid fire Tipps and Tricks – 5 min: What do do if …microcatheter cannot pass collateral
Saturday 10:31 Jo Dens

Rapid fire Tipps and Tricks – 5 min: What do do if… Reverse CART does not work
Saturday 10:39 Yasushi Asakura

Rapid fire Tipps and Tricks – 5 min: What do do if …retrograde microcather cannot pass the lesion
Saturday 10:47 Yasushi Asakura

5 most important things you can do wrong in the antegrade approach
Saturday 12:00 Nicolas Boudou

5 most important things you can do wrong in the retrograde approach
Saturday 12:10 Roberto Garbo

Intracoronary Imaging – when to use, how to use and how to interpret the images
Saturday 12:20 Javier Escaned

Long-term outcome with DES in CTOs
Saturday 12:35 Holger Nef

BVS – An option for CTOs?
Saturday 12:45 Michael Haude

Live in a Box 4
Saturday 12:55 Kambis Mashayekhi

A brief review of complications and tips and tricks
Saturday 14:50 Emmanouil Brilakis

CTO in post CABG patients
Saturday 15:05 Heinz Joachim Büttner

Live in a Box 5
Saturday 15:30 Thierry Lefevre

What future trials do we need in CTOs?
Saturday 15:50 Ulf Landmesser

MSCT and navigation for CTO PCI
Saturday 16:00 Gerald S. Werner

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