6th Experts "Live" CTO Workshop 2014
Septemper, 25th – 26th , 2014 in Madrid, Spain


Welcome by Javier Escaned
J. Escaned

Getting started: A glossary of CTO PCI techniques and skills
Dimitri Karmpaliotis

Live Case 1: Antegrade case with wire escalation
Evald H. Christiansen

Euro CTO Club Board Memeber

Live Case 2: Branch occlusion in CTO recanalisation
Carlo Di Mario

Your CTO tool kit: Getting there (vascular access, guiding catheters and other tools)
Nicolaus Reifart

Your CTO tool kit: Getting through (wires, microcatheters and other tools)
Anthony Gershlick

Identifying the patients that benefit from CTO PCI
Gerald Werner

How to perform and interpret coronary angiography for CTO recanalization
T. Lefevre

Adjusting your level of competence to the difficulty of a CTO
Y. Louvard

Live Case 3
T. Lefevre

Live Case 4: ADR in antegrade wire escalation failure
Simon Walsh

Japanese strategy for CTO PCI success
M. Yamane

Live Case 5: Simple retrograde CTO: a good preparation is always required
Andrea Gagnor

Live Case 6: Tortuous apical access to LAD CTO
Gerald Werner

Selecting and performing the first retrograde cases
Evald H. Christiansen

Optimizing channel crossing
G. Sianos

Dealing with problems in retrograde PCI
E. Tsuchikane

Wire maneuvers in retrograde PCI
S. Rinfret

Mother and child techniques
C. Hanratty

Mother and child techniques
C. Hanratty

Using intracoronary imaging in CTO PCI: an A to Z guide
R. Garbo

Non-invasive imaging: applying findings during your PCI
V. Martin

Stenting in CTOs
D. Antoniucci

Changes in distal vessel after CTO recanalization
J. Goicolea

The role of bioresorbable vascular scaffolds in CTO PCI
A. Serra

Technical Pearls 1
Y. Asakura

Technical Pearls 2
E. Tsuchikane

Technical Pearls 3
C. Hanratty

Wrap-Up day 1
J. Goicolea

Learning antegrade dissection and re-entry (CrossBoss and StingRay)
W. Lombardi

How to succeed in reverse-CART technique
Y. Asakura

Live Case 7: A likely‘ simple’ reverse cart / A septal perforation: The best of the worst
A. R. Galassi

Live Case 8: Retrograde CTO PCI does not always preserve all branches at distal cap bifurcation
D. Karmpaliotis

Treating instent CTO
J.R. Rumoroso

CTO PCI in secondary revascularization after CABG
H. J. Büttner

10 key points to avoid major complications in CTO PCI
M. Ochiai

Treatment of coronary perforations: material and techniques
L. M. Teruel

Live Case 9: How to get into mischief despite (or because of) the most accurate case preparation

Live Case 10: Long complex RCA-CTO antegrade and retrograde surprise
Markus Meyer-Gessner.

Decreasing X-Ray exposure in CTO procedures
E. Vaño

Prevention of contrast induced nephropathy
N. Boudou

Update EuroCTO Registry
A. R. Galassi

Short story 1
A. Avran

Short story 2
K. Mashayekhi

Update Japanese CTO Registry
M. Yamane

Live Case 11: Severe calcified ostial RCA - CTO treated by Retrograde approach
R. Garbo

Live Case 12: Successful recanalization of chronic total coronary occlusion with bioresorbable vascular scaffolds by retrograde approach
J. Wójcik

Learning to stop and to stage CTO PCI
A. Bufe

Operator experience and CTO PCI success: sharing knowledge
D. Hildick-Smith

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