• September 11th – 12th, 2020

    12th Experts Live

    Berlin, Germany


Ischemia and viability – How to select the right patient
Friday, 08:00, A. Bufe

Plan the approach based on the angiogram
Friday, 08:10, J. Dens

Radiation management in CTO PCI
Friday, 08:20, G. Werner

🖥️ The essentials of guide wires for CTOs
Friday, 08:30, M. Yamane

🖥️ Antegrade – EURO CTO algorithm
Friday, 08:45, Meyer-Geßner

Parallel Wiring vs. ADR: Any difference?
Friday, 09:00, K. Mashayekhi

🔴 Live Case 1 presented by Asahi
Friday, 09:15, A.R. Galassi, C. Skurk

🔴 Live Case 2 presented by Shockwave
Friday, 09:30, N. Boudou, J. Dalibor

EURO CTO registry and future projects
Friday, 11:25, C. Di Mario

🖥️ Assessing the randomized trials
Friday, 11:40, U. Landmesser

🔴 Live Case 3 presented by IMDS
Friday, 11:50, R. Garbo

🖥️ Case Competition 01 - CTO of hostial LAD with continuous drop in blood pressure due to bleeding next to the sheet
Friday, 12:45, A. Halboos

🖥️ Case Competition 2 - Rendezvous technique as a solution after high friction during externalization
Friday, 12:51, A. Jurado-Román

🖥️ Case Competition 03 - CrossBoss to bypass a fractured knucle wire during antegrade dissection re-retry for heavly calcified LAD CTO
Friday, 12:56, A.Mozid

🖥️ Case Competition 04 - True lumen sandwiched in neocarina
Friday, 13:02, J. L. Gutiérrez-Chico

🖥️ Case Competition 05 - Back and Forth
Friday, 13:08, P. Agostoni

🔴 Live Case 4 presented by Terumo
Friday, 13:45, A. Gagnor, T. Schäufele

🖥️ CTO PCI today – A summary of recent publications
Friday, 14:35, E. Brilakis

Retrograde approach – EUROCTO algorithm
Friday, 14:55, A.R. Galassi

Wires for the retrograde approach
Friday, 15:10, M. Yamane

Microcatheters, new developments
Friday, 15:20, G. Sianos

🔴 Live Case 5 presented by Asahi
Friday, 15:35, Z. Dimitriadis, B. Stojkovic

Published data on CTO complications
Friday, 16:35, G. Gasparini

Perforation management of the CTO vessel
Friday, 16:45, S. Furkalo

Perforation management of collaterals
Friday, 16:55, N. Boudou

Specific complications with ADR
Friday, 17:05, A. Ladwiniec

Trapped and lost devices – Leave it or retrieve it?
Friday, 17:15, A. Gagnor

🔴 Live Case 6 presented by Asahi
Saturday, 08:45, J. Dens, M. Meyer-Geßner

🔴 Live Case 7 presented by Asahi
Saturday, 09:30, G.L. Gasparini, S. Pyxaras

Treatment of true CTO – Bifurcation
Saturday, 10:15, K. Mashayekhi

CTO at the crux cordis – Which strategy?
Saturday, 10:25, L. Bryniarski

What to do if you cannot cross the proximal cap
Saturday, 10:35, P. Kumar

Calcification in CTOs – Rotablation and Shockwave
Saturday, 10:45, J. Hill

Microcatheter cannot pass collateral
Saturday, 10:55, G. Sianos

Reverse CART does not work
Saturday, 11:05, V. Ljubenov Gelev

🔴 Live Case 8 presented by Shockwave
Saturday, 11:45, K. Mashayekhi,P. Mazzarotto

Intracoronary Imaging – When to use, how to use and how to interpret the images
Saturday, 12:30 R. Garbo

IVUS reentry – How to navigate
Saturday, 12:45, S. Sumitsuji

CT as a tool for CTO PCI
Saturday, 12:55, P. Siegrist

🔴 Live Case 9 presented by IMDS
Saturday, 13:00, G. Sianos, A. Lange

🔴 Live Case 10 presented by Terumo
Saturday, 14:35, G. Werner, Y. Abdelwahed

Covid-19 and interventional cardiology – Insights from Italy
Saturday, 15:30 R. Garbo

Webbased plattforms for education in CTO PCI during Covid-19
Saturday, 15:40, Z. Dimitriadis

CTO in Chronic kidney disease
Saturday, 15:50, D. Karmapaliotis

Saturday, 16:00, B. Lauer

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